Home Staging Guide

A Practical Guide to Home Staging

If you are a working person, one of the best things to look forward to after work is to see your home at its finest. It has been shown by studies that productivity can result from a clean environment. While there are many people who hire a home staging service, others prefer to decorate their own homes with their own style and at their own pace, especially for those who have the necessary skills to do it. Some others have just learned the skill through constant home enhancements.

If you do not have the gift of art, you can still learn the proper techniques to mix and match colors and styles. You can easily live with these principles and it will be very convenient for you to welcome your friends to your home with pride and confidence.

Home staging has the rule of odd numbers to produce harmony and visual interest from visitors. Arrange things with differences in shapes, heights, and textures to help. The key to this technique is to group objects with similarities in them but at the same time with a noticeable difference. Instant attention is created by the contrast in them. This can be very attractive to your visitors.

When you enter your home, what is the thing that captures your attention first? When decorating, use this as your starting point. If you can't find it, then you need to build one. Set a wall and make it different from the rest by painting it with a different colors and putting accessories. Or, you can use furniture, paintings, or mirrors to enhance it.

When you decorate rooms keep in mind the basic measurement rules for curtains and furniture. This needs further research but this will truly be fantastic.

When determining the distance between your favorite sofa and your TV, use the rule of thumb. Determine the diagonal size of your TV and multiply it by two. This will be a comfortable place to set up your sofa and it will give you a stylish arrangement too.

Coffee tables and sofas should have fifteen to eighteen inches distance between them.

Keep your paintings at eye level around fifty six to sixty inches from the floor. If you want to hand it above the sofa, the height must not exceed two-thirds of the sofa's width.

Ideally, you should leave twelve to eighteen inches of floor surface on all four sides of your rug. All the legs of the furniture should be on the rug. Know more about home staging certification https://homestaginginstitute.com/home-staging-certification-course-online/.

Put great, suitable lighting for room functions.

Being house owners, the rule that you cannot ignore is to follow your guts. If it doesn't look greet to you, you can always change it. Decorate your home according to your own preferred style and design.